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Wine Estate Facts

Region: Mosel (Ruwer)

Owner: Christof Tyrell

Estate Size: 19 hectares/47 acres

Production; 16,000 cases

Grapes: 93% Riesling 7% Weissburgunder  

Vineyard: Eitelsbacher Karthäuserhofberg

Website: http://www.karthaeuserhof.com/


The estate is made up of an English park with centuries-old trees. The large manor complex includes the formerly moated castle dating from the 12th century, which still carries the name Bruno. The name Bruno is fashioned from steel rods attached to one of the walls (Bruno von Chartreuse was the founder of the Carthusian order).

For six generations the estate has been in the same family. In 1986 Christoph Tyrell and his cellar master Ludwig Breiling took charge. Their work has been recognized by Feinschmecker, Germany's leading food and wine publication, where Christoph Tyrell was chosen as the 1997 German Winemaker of the Year.

The single vineyard estate makes wines exclusively from the Karthäuserhofberg vineyard. One important step taken by Mr. Tyrell was to remove every third row of vines, which improved exposure of the vines and their grapes clusters to the sun and air, as well as easing vineyard work. Karthäuserhof uses no pesticides, preferring pheromones, which prevent insect pests from reproducing.  The 19 hectares or 47 acres of vineyards are planted 90% to Riesling (mostly original rootstock) and 10% other varieties.

Under the estate buildings are vaulted stone cellars where the wine is made using primarily stainless steel fermentation. Fermentation is arrested by cooling the tanks. The level of sweetness in the wines is achieved by blending together different tanks. This results in wines that are fresh, bright and elegant. All wines sold under the estate's name are 100% Riesling. There is also a small production of Pinot Blanc.