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Wine Estates
Georg Mosbacher

Weingut Georg Mosbacher
Weinstraße 27
67147 Forst

Tel.: +49 6326 329
Fax: +49 6326 6774
Wine Estate Facts
Region: Pfalz
Owner: Richard Mosbacher, Sabine Mosbacher-Düringer and Jürgen Düringer
Estate Size: 16 hectares/39.5 acres
Production; 11,000 cases
Grapes: 84% Riesling
Vineyards: Vineyard holdings in the best vineyards of Forst, Deidesheim, Wachenheim and Niederkirchen

The wine estate of Georg Mosbacher is located in the picturesque village of Forst, a town of significant importance viticulturally. The wines from Forst, along with those of its neighbors, Deidesheim, Ruppertsberg and Wachenheim are considered to be some of the most powerful, well-structured and sophisticated in the entire Pfalz wine district. The strength of Weingut Mosbacher is its Riesling wines which develop a unique and characteristic taste and flavor of the top vineyard sites in Forst.

Today the wine estate is run by two generations. Together, Richard Mosbacher, his daughter Sabine Mosbacher-Düringer and her husband Jürgen Düringer combine their experience and creative imagination.

Since the very beginning, the wine estate 'Georg Mosbacher' has strived for highest quality, always in accordance with nature. The vineyards are cultivated according to the guidelines of environmentally-friendly planting of vines, i.e. no herbicides, regard for useful plants and insects, fertilization only after inspection of soil, green cover of vineyards.
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