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High Def

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High Def

Bornwiese 6, 54470 

Phone:+49 6531 570
Fax: (06531) 950 57 137
Website: High Def

Wine Estate Facts
Region: Mosel
Owner: Moselland
Consultant: Konrad Hähn, owner, Weingut von Schleinitz
Grapes: Riesling, Gewürztraminer and Dornfelder
Vineyards: Vineyards scattered throughout the beautiful Mosel wine region.

Konrad Hähn, owner and winemaker of Freiherr von Schleinitz, has lent his capable hand in creating this new and exciting wine.  Using his expertise, Konrad is there to guide the creation of this great value from the steep slopes of the Mosel, right into your glass, leaving you a wine with the delicate fruit, crisp acidity and rich minerality that define this noblest of grapes. Unlike some wines you find for this price, this Riesling didn't need wine making stunts to taste great. No oak barrels, no tricky fermentation techniques, no smoke and mirrors, simply pure and clean fruit flavor that only Riesling can offer.

The picturesque, steep, south-facing slopes of the Mosel valley provide an ideal microclimate and a long growing season for Riesling to develop perfectly.  The unique weathered slate soil, providing vital nutrients and minerals to the vine, and the Riesling grape, the most complex wine making grape, full of tropical fruits while maintaining balancing acidity for crispness, harmoniously work together to provide a wine which is simply delicious.
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